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Of course, the ultimate moment of being Female in Public comes when a woman, deep in thought, is told by a strange man to SMILE. (And this happens only to women.) Gentlemen, let’s get this straight. There is no part of my body that belongs to you, not even my facial expression. By From a devastating essay from Laura Lippman, author, about what it’s like to be a woman in public.  (via emilyvgordon)

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Five Female Poets to Check out This Month - Amanda Oliver

Desiree Dallagiacomo

Desiree is leading the way in female spoken word. Based in New Orleans, she is a powerhouse of emotion with an infectious sense of humor and a captivating voice. Picture a motivational speaker gone real-talk. Listening to her poems is heart-aching and heart-mending all at the same time. Each one is a roller coaster of emotions that, by the end, leaves you feeling like you got something off of your chest. Her most recently filmed poem is called Thighs and is NSFW, but absolutely worth watching.

My thighs say thunderous.

My thighs say too fat-for-skinny-jeans,

say wide, say open.

My thighs say cellulite, say bad tattoo,

say stretch mark, say pock mark, say ingrown hair.

My thighs feel upset that you only offered one bite

of your Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.

My thighs say more, please.

More room, more beat to drop.

My thighs can dance all night.

My thighs want your thighs to work a  little bit harder.


Super pumped I got to share about my wonderful friend Des and four other great poets on Lady Clever.

Full video here. Powerful good.